Repetitive Motion Starts With Repetitive Thoughts

After years of personal trial and error as well as working with the best bowlers in the world, I can assure those of you who are going through battles with consistency, The first place to look is your thought processing.

I certainly do not want to take focus away from physical game development, but lets make sure we are giving what may be even more important proper attention. We can always pick our physical game apart when the results are not what we expect. And it is easy to find a coach who will tell you that you are doing something wrong and they can help (and they may be right) but it is very important to consider the aspect that maybe your thought processing is that of a marathon runner competing in a 100 meter sprint. (this comparison can be used to parallel the challenges of one game matches on national TV) There are many personal examples that can be used but that is of little importance here, but I do want to make the point that this happens at all levels of competition.

What if you have thought processes that match up to a lower scoring pace grind and you are competing in a scorefest. What if you are bowling a "Baker format" on a single pair vs a 6 game sweeper moving across the house.

You can say all you want about your physical game, but please do not neglect the most important aspect of who you are as a bowler. Your ability to repeat and ultimately your ability to succeed depends on your ability to match your thought processing.

Saturady morning youth leagues have a wide range of thought processes. Some kids would rather be sleeping while other kids are primed and ready to go. League bowlers more focused on socializing express their thought processes and those don't mix well with the competitive bowler bowling in the same league. And then there is the highly talented player who just never seems to reach their full potential. How about the bowler who seems to strike every shot...until the lights come on. These are all examples of bowlers who need to be monitoring their thought processes and how it effects their physical game.

Some of us over emphasize the present moment. Example would be a competition that feels so important. For some this may be as simple as league competition for some body else it might be the Tournament of Champions. But ultimately most bowlers will feel an elevated emotion at some point in their carreer and it is usually a moment or event that holds signifigant importance to them. How do some bowlers rise to the occasion while others struggle for no apparent reason?

No matter what level of competition you are at, that moment can be a great experience, and the training of your "Athletic Aura"(because it is more than what you think) will be one of the most valuable experiences you will have in your training.

BowlU recognizes the importance of this and with every course there is attention given to a bowlers thought processing. Within the elemental studies of your "Athletic Aura" we will help you uncover the inner strength needed to compete at your highest level.




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