Ball Motion & Lane Play

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 The Strategic Difference

What you'll gain:

  • Knowledge & experience you can't get anywhere else
  • Better perspective and understanding
  • Years off the learning curve

One year of BowlU knowledge and experience presented using course preparation and group sharing experiences. The course will use the classroom as a resource library and a closed FaceBook group to share real world experiences throughout the year.

If you have any questions you can contact Rick Benoit at [email protected] 

Joining the BowlU team is a small part of the support we need to continue BowlU's growth. When you become a member of the BowlU team you will have access to BowlU's members only priority group providing its members with BowlU knowledge and experience they can't get anywhere else in the world at any cost. Learn more about becoming a member of the BowlU team

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