Coaching Development

Coaching Development

It is understandable that there are many different levels of knowledge and experience in our sport. As the desire to gain more knowledge and experience increases you need to be careful on where the K&E (knowledge and experience) comes from. A bowler and coach will be exposed to many different opinions and everyone has to make their own choices. Take the time to do the research and find what is right for you. The easiest way to find out if you are in the right place is the simple question "why?" In the process you will find out if you are talking to the right person or not. If the answers to "why" don't make sense or the individual gets upset that you are asking why ... most likely you are in the wrong place. Everything in the sport of bowling is connected and a person who understands the "Big Picture" will be able to piece it all together for you. A person who doesn't understand the "Big Picture" will eventually get trapped with the question of "why." Speaking of why, if you have ambitions to coach prepare yourself effectively.

There are two basic categories of coaches. One is a development coach and the other is a competition coach. Many coaches struggle to understand and separate the differences. BowlU is designed to help coaches develop in line with whatever category of coaching skills an individual is wanting to achieve. If you are a parent or mentor helping a youth bowler during competition we want to help you understand what that youth bowler needs at that time. If you choose to take on the challenge of the long term development of a student we want to help you see the "Big Picture" so you and your student can shorten the learning curve.

The BowlU Coaching program has six levels of development that motivates and encourages growth by introducing content relative to the competitive desires and instincts of the individual athlete and coach. BowlU's Star Certification program will start with a Foundation Of Understanding that will guarantee the "Big Picture" is never out of focus.

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