Joining The BowlU Nation

BowlU Nation

Joining The BowlU Nation

Joining the BowlU Nation is an indication you are ready to make a difference. That difference might be for your personal game or a strong desire to help others. Whatever the case may be we are dedicated to the “Big Picture”. BowlU has spent over 30 years exploring how to shorten the learning curve and developing a pathway from a bowler’s first experience on the lane to the highest level of our sport. It won’t take long to see how different BowlU is.

To give you an opportunity to explore the difference we provide the following options.

  • Loyalty Deserves Loyalty option - 5 USD/Month. This will give you access to the BowlU Nation communication groups and the BowlU Team Training program entitled "The BowlU Way". Loyalty Deserves Loyalty is an everyday formula for BowlU President Rick Benoit (He will only answer bowling questions from individuals that are part of the BowlU Nation)
  • BowlU’s Video Library – 10 USD/Month. This will be access to abbreviated BowlU video content (approximately 3 minutes of content per video). This is designed to assist instructors with their presentations. The Instructor can use the videos to show to their students and then add their personal content as they see fit.
  • Clear The Deck performance option – 25 USD When you purchase a BowlU T-Shirt we will register you in our interactive competition program where you will be given access to your first 2 “Clear The Deck” Performance Indicators. Based upon your performance you will gain access to content designed for that level of performance.
  • Foundation Training course option – 100 USD If you want to jump straight to knowledge and experience that will give you the solid foundation everyone should have no matter what skill level you are at.
  • BowlU’s To Be Ready Academy option – 49.95 USD/month
    • Participants will start with their To Be Ready Introduction Binder and each week there will be content added related to each of BowlU’s 5 Readiness Categories
      • Mind Ready
      • Body Ready
      • Skill Ready
      • Training Ready
      • Competition Ready
  • Personalized Training Program – 79.95 USD per month. Weekly content based on the needs of the individual.

Visit the BowlU Products website to select your option

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