Let’s Focus On The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Let’s Focus On The Big Picture

We have to face it, our sport has evolved without the benefit of an organization responsible for the "Big Picture" (the entire perspective on a situation or issue) strategy. I would say we are quite lucky to be where we are. Our recreation, sport, and industry is a combination of independent business ventures. No discredit to anyone within our recreation, sport, and or industry, but until there is a more effective cooperative that is focused on the synergy we need, this trend will continue. To understand the challenges you don't have to look any further than the financial support structure of the different business ventures within our recreation, sport, and industry.

  • The USBC (United States BowlIng Congress) is supported by the membership dues and tournament operations for the "majority". The majority will always be recreational bowlers, so it would be wise if the USBC focused on the objectives of their membership (the majority).
  • The PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) recognized as the highest level of our sport is a tournament organization marketing the competition between “the best players in the world”, which will always be the minority.

Obviously the USBC and the PBA have uniquely different requirements for both their marketing and competition initiatives.

  • We certainly must include the BPAA (Bowling Proprietors Association of America) they are an organization of business owners whose main focus is rightfully the majority (recreational bowling).
  • Then there is the product industry, where again, their main focus is on the majority.

Each organization has their rightful business goals and initiatives. Again no disrespect to any of the above organizations but it is easy to see where there would be conflicts. Our recreation, sport, and industry would benefit tremendously with an everyday focus to create, manage, regulate, encourage and coordinate effective synergy that can provide the structure, definition, integrity, and creativity we need to become a unified cooperative.

I am making it publicly known that I want to lead an organization to help everyone involved in the recreation, sport, and industry. I have invested my entire career and resources (physical and financial) to make this happen and I ask for your support to make this happen.

It is all about the synergy we need ... BowlU ... for all the right reasons

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