Login Challenges

Login Challenges

If you are having login challenges I want to clear it up here.

There is no reason to login to bowlu.com. BowlU courses are at https://www.bowlulibrary.com

If you have a username and password try it at bowlulibraby.com and then if you have a problem let me know.

I am responsible for this problem because I linked the 2 sites together and when I decided that made it too complicated and separated them ... at least I thought I did. The plugin that I used to connect them was not deleted and messages sent from the library were be sent using the wrong URL. My bad!

Call me dumb ... hey I am human! Hopefully I solved the problem and future communications will be back to normal.

BowlU.com will be used for simple introductions to BowlU ... The Library (https://www.bowlulibrary.com) is where it is at

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