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Mind Ready

What does it mean to be "Mind Ready"?

Being Mind Ready has less to do with going to the bowling center than it does preparing yourself for any type of preparation and competition. Training the mind to handle the competitive world may be the best gift the sport of bowling has to offer to the world. Shared properly, bowling is a life-long opportunity to train, improve, and or prepare for real life events. Learn what it takes, put in the work, and be prepared for anything. How do we do it?

  • Daily reminders
  • Color association
  • Acronyms

We are more focused on "how to think" than "what to think" We want to make productive thought processes a habit and part of our subconscious. We will develop the:

  • Gather / Sort / Commit instincts
  • Shot Cycle
  • Thought Processes
  • Athletic Presentation
  • Competitive Mind

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