New To BowlU?

New To BowlU?

If you are new to BowlU the first thing I will ask is that you remove any thoughts for what you have experienced with traditional coaching and development programs. What is different?

Almost everything ... and hopefully this article will help you understand how and why.

First, It is not to say you can't improve your game another way ... but I will say there is no faster way to get to the highest level of understanding than by sharing the BowlU experience.

Second, there are a thousand ways to teach the physical game and history has proven you don't have to throw it a certain way. Too many of the programs are over focused on throwing the ball in way that they think is "right".

"Bowling is ... always has been ... and always will be about transition"
"It's not right until it passes the test of transition"

BowlU is going to give you a Foundation of knowledge and experience you can't get anywhere else in the world. We will then present an "Order of Understanding" that will reduce confusion dramatically.

Then you will learn that "no matter what style of game you choose, every physical style is made up of 5 Motion Sequences" We will explore how you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and proceed to improve your game without limitation.

BowlU has the most unique and complete development program in the world and we are willing to share what that looks like by giving you a 2-Week trial membership to our "To Be Ready" Academy program.

This offer is available by contacting me at

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