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The Present

In this section we want to keep you updated on what we are doing right now. One thing I can guarantee is that we are always working our tails off to provide product and services that coordinate with what we believe in. We respect the recreation and the sport for what they are, at the same time we think they can be better. We are constantly working to share the greatness of both, a recreation that has few limitations and a sport that can unite people of all cultural backgrounds around the world. Our goal is to explore every aspect of the pathway from recreation to sport and remove all of the roadblocks. We want to insure the pathway is defined and full of opportunity. We intentionally think out of the box, we listen to ideas, we explore options, we test them out, and if and when we are convinced it is right, we tell the world about it.

We are well aware of the challenges the industry has, and at no time do we feel we are in competition with or against anyone, heck most of the time we don't even know what the rest of the industry is doing. BowlU started this venture because of a believe that it shouldn't take 20-30 years to truly respect what the sport of bowling has to offer. In 2008 I committed to making a difference. That was 12 years ago and I haven't wavered a bit. I share the career experiences that have proven to work and I am open to any challenge someone wants to make. I am going to fight for what is right and share the opportunities. My goal has ... is ... and always will be to work together, but if any piece of the puzzle doesn't fit ... WE should all be trying to fix it. We do what we do for all the right reasons and I will make no excuses for those who don't.

You see, I tried it the other way and the ship is just too big to turn. There are many decision makers who don't have the understanding or desire to change. There is a lot of intelligence and great people in our industry but some don't want to stir up the hornets nest, others only see the numbers, and then there are those who simply are not qualified to be in the positions they are in. It is my goal to work with not against, but I won't stop offering my experience, sharing my ideas, or presenting creative thought processes to an industry that needs better teamwork and more creativity.

You will find initiatives that are focused on proven knowledge and experience, initiatives that are focused on research & development, initiatives that are focused on the recreation, initiatives that are focused on the sport, but everything has the "big picture" in mind. Bowling can be a recreation and it can be a sport. It doesn't have to be one or the other, they need each other...but even more important is the pathway from recreation to sport. That is where our greatest potential lies. There are no secrets about what a recreation should offer, and it isn't hard to find a challenge to determine the best performance, but the real magic for the industry is in the middle.

BowlU shortens the learning curve, BowlU provides understanding, BowlU creates opportunity, BowlU creates new ideas, and BowlU will never forget to have fun in the process. In the perfect world we will someday join the governing bodies and share concepts and ideas that will guide to an even greater future. They can do their thing and we can do our thing and through evolution the right thing will happen. It was a conscious decision that it is much better to just do what I think is right than to argue and fight about who is right or wrong, simply because it is a waste of valuable time and energy.

Here are the initiatives we are focused on for "The Present"

  • Online Courses because we can reach more people, be in more places, and provide more opportunity for anyone ... anywhere ... anytime!
  • Training Camps because Live Training Experiences allow us to meet you right where you are at and then guide you in the right direction.
  • Training Products because "feeling it" is better than "hearing, seeing, or reading it" (I have spent years developing "no-words" training techniques)
  • Competitions because we can have a lot of fun sharing new and creative opportunity for more style and skill levels.
  • Team Building because no one person or organization can do it on their own. We need you and the sport needs us.
  • Certification because the ones who have spent time and resources to learn it right deserve recognition and support.
  • Organization because BowlU has outgrown me and everyone deserves the opportunities.
  • Home training and research location to showcase the "Bigger Picture"

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