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Founded as a training tool and discovered it was much more! 


Better bowlers have fewer opens

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As part of your current league night

As a stand-alone league or tournament

As part of an individual or team training program. 

We aren't out to change what we have ... our goal is to add what we don't have. Clear the Deck gives more opportunity for more bowlers. Sure there are the bowlers who can strike, but that's not the place to start when you want to identify the best performance. It's the perfect KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for the sport of bowling.


Don't wait any longer ... you can join all of those who are already playing

Here is what you need to know

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You can see how easy it is to keep score. We can make the competition format fit any environment you want. It will work for league or tournament competitions. But if you want to test it out for yourself just give the training version a try. It is as simple as 3 opens and you are out. if that's 3 frames or 30 frames ... you will identify your strengths and weaknesses. Use this link to find a scoresheet you can print out.

We have put together some stats from our league competition.

Give it a shot and tell us how you did.