2020 Timeline

BowlU is for everyone ... from our online courses to our 2020 event schedule our goal will always be for the growth of our sport and the development of its athletes.

Anyone ... Anywhere ... Anytime!

The reason it takes so long to get good at our sport is the uniqueness of our sport. Bowling is the only sport that is a battle with an invisible course experiencing a constant state of flux. The reason bowling gets so much attention is understandable ... It's fun to set things up and knock them down ... It's simple and fun and that should never change. This simplicity and fun is the reason bowling is one of the highest participant sports in the world. Bowling arguably has the longest window of competitive opportunity of all sports. Most sports experience a limited window of competitive opportunity, so there is no hurry ... you can pick up the sport at almost any age. The majority will always opt to share the joy of competition with their family and friends, and that is the foundation of bowling's success. Bowling is a better version of present day social media. There is no better social interaction than sharing real emotions with real people. We should never overlook the health benefits of real life emojis ... We can stop thinking of the work day, slide away from the computer, put the smart phone down and invite family and friends to share the real deal.

For those that have competitive instincts (which is arguably everyone), you know how valuable it is to satisfy and challenge our personal limitations. It's not really about winning or losing ... it's the value and ability to satisfy our competitive drive while having fun at the same time. With many there is a feeling of emptiness if we don't attend to our natural competitive instincts. Bowling is the perfect opportunity to share with millions of bowling fans that share that same feeling.

You can take that challenge to any level you want and that is why we are here.

First we want everyone to have fun and then choose whatever level of challenge they prefer.

BowlU is focused on all levels of the recreation and sport, but we don't want anyone to forget, it all starts with FUN!

Our 2020 program initiatives looks like this:

Establish a home training center (February and March or 2020)

Improve production capabilities and availability of BowlU product (March and April of 2020)

Schedule Home Center Training Seminars (March and April of 2020)

Create travel training schedule (March 2020)

Introduce R2SBA and BowlU's Competitive Opportunities (April and May of 2020)

Improve online course access and increase course content (April and May of 2020)

Introduce BowlU's "To Be Ready" Academy (April and May of 2020)

Schedule Star Certification Schedule (May 2020)

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