Get started as a supplemental competition that uses your regular league scores.

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Simply print out a score sheet and challenge anyone and everyone in your league

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What is it going to take to get it started?

Print out enough score sheets for everyone who wants to play

Teach everyone how to keep score ... It is simple, but it takes pen and paper

You can do it for love or loot. Be sure to check out the supplemental competition rules

 When playing "Clear the Deck" competition, your score is continuous until you have 3 opens. Regular league competition is usually 30-36 frames long. You may or may not have 3 opens during league.  As soon as you have 3 opens your score is finalized. If you haven't opened 3 times by the end of league, carry your score over. Scoring is easy and actually more engaging when you do it my pen and paper. I chose 25 points per strike because 12 strikes in a row is still "300". Because you are in league competition, don't count fill balls that don't require you to pick up the spare. So if you have a spare in the 10th don't count the fill ball because you won't be trying to pick it up. The same thing goes if you double in the 10th, don't count the fill ball if you don't strike. You can track your "String" average and your high string score. By playing Clear the Deck you will notice your focus and attitude change while your bowling improves. We would love to hear your feedback. We have created a Facebook group to share Clear the Deck experiences. 

Just start it up as a supplemental competition using your regular league scores

We have plans to make this a sanctioned competition but let's just have fun with it for now.

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Here is a snapshot of BowlU's Clear the Deck scoresheet. You can download the scoresheet using the purple link.

Download out a Clear the Deck scoresheet here