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Why BowlU?

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Why BowlU?
by Rick Benoit - Wednesday, 11 April 2018, 6:11 AM

For many it is ok to blame the industry, but when I became a part of the industry, I promised to make a difference. It shouldn't take 20 years and many failed attempts to learn what is so great about our sport. BowlU is that difference and by joining the team you can make a difference too!

After years of sharing with the greatest bowlers around the world I feel it is my responsibility to the sport that I share some of those experiences.

It is only natural for a bowler or coach to question what is right and what is wrong...what is good...what is bad...what is better and what is the best.

It is not my intention to debate any of those judgements. My only focus is to share my experiences. We are in an era where technology has altered the way we perceive the skills of an athlete. What was once accepted as an athletic gift is now analyzed and scrutinized with extreme data. The data is almost always interesting, but how should this data be used and who benefits from an era that seems obsessed with printed numbers, charts, and graphs.

I have listened to many thoughts, opinions, research projects, seminars and presentations. Without a doubt they have all effected my present thoughts and teachings. A common occurrence after participating in one of these data rich events has me back on the lanes with a gifted athlete, listening to their thoughts. 

Having shared with almost every PBA Hall-of-Famer in the history of our sport I can confidently say that I believe there is a common denominator amongst all of the greats. Not once have I ever heard that common denominator shared in one of those seminars.

Great athletes, coaches, and even pro shop operators are artists with the ability to commit to whatever their thoughts are. I have seen many a championship won by someone doing the "wrong" thing. I was once told by one of those greats that there are two ways to win in this sport. You can be unique, or you can be better than everyone else. He finished it off by adding, it isn't easy being better than everyone else. Since that day I have always challenged myself to look for productive uniqueness while the student is on their journey to get better.

There are many different styles and opinions but there are common messages that we all benefit from. These very valuable messages are what I use to create the foundation of BowlU theory.

These are what I refer to as the "Essential Elements". Further BowlU experience helps lead to the "Artistic Impressions" I wish for BowlU to leave on our sport.

This is the method I have chosen to deal with the responsibilities I feel to our sport. They will undoubtedly improve your understanding and shorten the learning curve.