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First, we start with Clear the Deck Qualifying using a set number of frames. I like 40 frames of qualifying.

Second, we cut the field in half and have a second round of qualifying or cut straight to the Top 16 scores

When you cut to the Top 16 it is time to "Put Up or Shut Up"

 There are certainly plenty of ways to organize this competition. The way I have used it for team training competitions is to have everyone bowl a select number of frames. Since I usually have more than 16 participants, I would have the first round of qualifying being 40 frames. At the end of 40 frames, I either cut the field in half and bowl a second round of qualifying, or I cut straight to the top 16 scores. If there is a tie for the final spot a 9th and 10th frame roll-off is used to determine who earns the final spot. The Top 16 are placed in a 16 man / Double Elimination / Best of Seven bracket based on their seeding positions from qualifying. Then the bowlers use BowlU's "Put Up or Shut Up" format. The "Put Up or Shut Up" format is a 9th and 10th frame competition. Simply follow the 16 man bracket to determine the winner.

We will be organizing a tournament schedule when our training camp season is over.

Here you can download the scoresheet and matchplay bracket.

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Download the scoresheet here
Download matchplay bracket here