Training Camp Opportunities

We are presently looking at our post-COVID-19 Training Opportunities. We would like to organize our schedule with an open mind to regional circumstances. At this time (June 10th, 2020) we are uncomfortable hosting live-training camp opportunities. We have removed all live-Training sessions until the third week of September. If you would like to lock in dates for a live-training camp session after September, 2020 we are willing to start posting dates and locations. All dates are open at this time and every circumstance will be monitored independently between now and the scheduled training camp dates. There will be no registration fees accepted until individual camps are confirmed.

If you are interested in a livestream training camp opportunity visit our BowlU International Facebook page and help us get to 3,000 followers. BowlU will host a livestream training camp for every one thousand new followers.


  • "Essential Elements" (2 days) - BowlU has broken the sport of bowling down to five "Essential Elements." Everything in the sport of bowling falls within one of these 5 Essential Elements. This camp will provide an understanding of each element, help eliminate confusion, and simplify all of the performance factors in the sport of bowling.
  • "Order Of Understanding" (3 days) - We will include all of the content of the 2 day camp ("Essential Elements") course plus an order of understanding that will organize your strategic thought processes and game planning.
  • "Foundation Training Certification" (4 days) - This will include all of the content of the 3 day camp ("Essential Elements" and "Order Of Understanding") plus a day of BowlU Certification that will allow you to join the BowlU Certification Team.


What is the difference in the camps being offered
What does the daily schedule look like?
Which camp should a beginning bowler participate in?
Which camp should a Pro Shop Operator participate in?
How much online time will there be?
Will we be discussing bowling ball choices and layouts in the course?
What should I bring to the camp?
Will we be working on the mental game during the camp?
I am an elite level player ... will I benefit from participating in a BowlU Training Camp?
Are there any age restrictions?
Will I receive post camp assistance?
Are there any discounts available?
Are there any other types of BowlU Training camps available?



Registration is processed on the BowlU Products website.

More BowlU Training Information

To help us accomplish this we want to gather information on the type and length of training you would prefer. You can help us with this by visiting the BowlU International FaceBook page and participate in the surveys we are hosting on that page.

BowlU Training Opportunities