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Shares his knowledge and experience online so it is available to anyone ... anywhere ... anytime

Loyalty deserves Loyalty 

Effectively reaching those whom I owe my loyalty to

Access to all Foundation Training Courses

Nothing is more important than the foundation we build upon

Team BowlU Community

Access to our own social media community platform. Check out the demo I built for you

BowlU Training Tools

Team members will have access to the best training tools our sport has ever seen. These tools were invented, designed, and continue to be made by me personally. I decided to keep them in house to insure the quality I expect

Anywhere ... Anytime Podcast

Regularly scheduled Podcast where I share with the team. Presently I am hosting this team gathering the 1st Monday of every month. As I get more comfortable with the meeting resource, I will consider hosting more frequent meetings.

Dylan Smith


Camera Settings

Learn all about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Flash Photography

Learn how to use flash to get trendy high-contrast photos.

35mm Film

Learn how to get crisp images using cameras from the 60s.

Preview Team BowlU

A look into what Team BowlU is all about

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Foundation Training Icon

When you see this icon I am identifying Foundation Training content.

Loyalty Deserves Loyalty

The work of BowlU is supported by those who choose to support BowlU and those are the ones who I owe my loyalty to. I know who they are because they are the members of Team BowlU. Everything I do is intended to serve our team. I do not want to get tangled up in all of the roadblocks and drama of non-productive initiatives. It could be easy to get distracted from the most important work and this is how I can ensure that I am moving forward with the right focus and initiatives.

Foundation Training Courses

As a Team BowlU member you have access to all *Foundation Training courses. These are the courses we suggest you build upon. As bowlers we are always in one of three phases of development, we are either, learning, improving, or monitoring. Use these Foundation courses to insure everything you are doing is being built on a solid foundation.

*moving forward I will identify Foundation Training courses with an easily identifiable label.

Team BowlU Community

I have been patiently waiting for this resource to fall into place. Finally, it has, and it allows the team to take full advantage of communication resources we never had before. The team community is now protected from outside distractions, and I feel comfortable we can move forward more productively. This is where I will host and store the Anywhere ... Anytime podcasts.

BowlU Training Tools

This is one that some people won't understand. I have removed the public e-commerce site that allows individuals to purchase training tools. I know how popular the BowlU Training Tools have become and many think I should outsource the production and distribution of the training tools. While it is a good idea and has some merit, I have done the research and experimented with the possibilities and the timing isn't right yet. I have not found a way to outsource the training tool initiative in a way that makes sense to the end users or reduces my work load. The tools are great and I want the demand for them to grow but not at the expense of all things BowlU. I am confident that the growth will continue, and I have chosen to let that growth happen through Team BowlU. Consider yourself a distributor for BowlU training products (if you choose). This approach allows me to develop the distribution initiative while supporting those who support BowlU. Individual pricing will remain the same but for those who want to purchase product with the intent to resell we offer distributor pricing. So nothing chances except how the training tools are being distributed and who is part of the growth.

Anywhere ... Anytime Podcast

With the introduction of the Team BowlU community I now feel I can communicate to those I am focused on. I do not want to get involved in all of the distractions of open podcasting to people who are more interested in creating more drama than productivity. I certainly want to encourage the growth of BowlU and there and plenty of ways to do that. The Anywhere ... Anytime podcast is intended to communicate with those who openly support BowlU's efforts. This is a startup initiative that I do not know enough about yet. I am exploring the possibilities by hosting a podcast once a month. It will be hosted on the first Monday of each month and we will see how it goes. I am not worried about numbers (that is something we can think about in the future). For now, I want to "get it right". So, join me in helping make it the best communication and educational resource for the sport of bowling. I hesitate to call it a podcast because in reality I am using a meeting resource which allows up to 200 people to participate in an online meeting. Sounds pretty cool, lets see how it works out.

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