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I am always coming up with something new, so if you like what you see keep coming back because there is more to come. If you want to know where I think everyone should start ... here is a link to the knowledge and experience everyone should have.

Team BowlU


Prepare For A New Beginning

Follow BowlU Training Camp Opportunities here

Training camp opportunities are a valuable person to person option and we love doing them. With my responsibilities in the office I don't get out to do camps as often as I like, but my main guy, Brad Angleo, is fantastic and would love to set up a camp in your area. Give Brad a call at (716) 946-7981 to coordinate with his schedule. He has a very fluid and busy schedule, so give him a call as soon as possible. Personally, I love to do camps and if we think far enough in advance or just get lucky, I might be able to make an in-person camp possible. What I can promise is that I can do it all on-line. I have spend a lot of time perfecting what I can do on-line for two reasons. I can be available to more people in more places and it makes everything more affordable for everyone. If you want to try and get myself (Rick) out to do a camp give me a call at (505) 900-4803 to see how lucky we can get.


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Suggested BowlU Pathway

Whether you're new to the sport or looking to advance your skills and experience ... we want to help you improve your love for the game and get to the next level with the following process. 

  • Start by joining Team BowlU (See what it is all about by visiting the Team BowlU Page)
  • After an individual has gone through Foundation Training 2.0 we will evaluate the individuals progressive step and guide them through Supplemental Training
  • Those wanting physical game assistance must go through Foundation Training 2.0 as a prerequisite for Bowler Analysis.
  • All of this will be available online as a Team BowlU member.
Visit The Team BowlU Page

What People Are Saying

Listen to what others have to say and if you have any questions just let us know.

"Complete eye opener... you will see the game completely different after a BowlU experience ... 100% guaranteed" 

Todd Ulm


"It's the only place that can put all the pieces together in a way that makes sense everywhere" 

Allen Levet

Bowler from Virginia

"There's bowling before BowlU and bowling after BowlU, the latter is where the real fun begins" 

John Bruner

Bowler from Maryland

"Feel can be taught. BowlU is proven and tested." 

Brad Snell

Professional Bowler, Coach, and Pro Shop Operator

"BowlU is not only a mindset and knowledge on the lanes. but is also the best off lanes training out there" 

Sydney Hollinger

Collegiate National Champion

"For about the cost of a bowling ball, BowlU has taught me how to use the ones I already own" 

David Day

Bowler form New York

"BowlU has opened the minds of the Daemen College women bowlers." 

Carrie Racsumberger

Bowler, Collegiate Coach 

"BowlU. Where knowledge is empowering" 

Russ Hunt

Professional Bowler and  Proprietor 

"I find it difficult to put everything BowlU has done for me in one sentence ... but I thought I couldn't love the sport anymore ... After a weekend at a BowlU camp I appreciate every delivery, every strike, every spare, and every split I have thrown since. Thank you to BowlU" 

Justin Hudon


Moving in a direction that is right for everyone.

This is the first hint of what is to come

Our goal is to shorten the learning curve ... There are plenty of options out there ... we just want you to check us out

The BowlU Way