About Us

Why BowlU?

There is no other recreation or sport like bowling. Everyone loves bowling and almost everyone wants to get better, and that's why we are here. We encourage you to follow your own path, play your own game, and compete in any environment you choose. That's exactly what we did and it was a blast. It took a long time to get where we are at and we want you to have as much fun as we did. Of course, we wish it hadn't taken so long and that's where we can help you like nobody else. BowlU is knowledge and experience you can't get anywhere else in the world, it will shorten the learning curve, eliminate confusion, and change the way you view the sport forever.

BowlU is over 50 years of experience and success at every level of our sport. We have traveled around the bowling world and shared with the best of the best. Through it all we never forget to keep it fun. We are a team that won't forget the past or deny progress. Our eyes are always into the future and how we can make it better for everyone. We have created a showcase of what bowling is, can be, and will be when and if we all work together as a team. We pride ourselves in our creativity, loyalty, and pride. We are as competitive as you can get but maintain our respect for everyone's opinions and choices. We are well aware of the challenges of the sport and the opinions of those involved. The BowlU difference is we will not get bogged down, we keep moving forward with goals that give everyone opportunity.

We love what we have and look forward to helping everyone towards an even brighter future. So whatever pathway you choose we are here to support the direction you choose. We just want to make sure that the pathway is free and clear of any roadblocks you may encounter. BowlU for all the right reasons.


Hi, Let me introduce myself ... My name is Rick Benoit

BowlU's Founder


The messages that are the most important to me:

  • "A brighter future can only be had if we are willing to turn on the lights" ... What I mean by that is we need to take a closer look at where we are at and what we are doing. If what we see when we turn on those lights is flawed ... We cannot be afraid to handle the tough questions and challenges. I promise I will not shy away from your questions and challenges. 
  • "The big picture is a puzzle ... and the beauty of the big picture can not be seen until all the pieces to the puzzle are in place". BowlU has spent years looking at all of the pieces to the puzzle and we want to Show How They Can Fit Together
  • "Turning a ship floating in rough waters requires a special crew". The ability to create effective change needs a clear message and a team that is willing to work through the storm. My job is to deliver the messages and invite those who believe in that message to join forces. It Can Be Done!
  • "The truth comes from those who have experienced it" ... Take the time to talk to the people who have experienced what BowlU has to offer. It Has Been Done!

Consider BowlU a showcase of potential and an invitation focused on "Respecting the past ... Appreciating what we have now & Expanding the potential for our future". It is very possible & not as hard as some would think. Together We Can Make It Happen For Everyone!

Meet The BowlU Staff 

When you want to know who to contact, here are the names and faces of those who are ready to help out with any questions you may have.

Rick Benoit

The President and Lead Instructor focused on helping those who want more of what BowlU has to offer
Phone number: +1(505) 900-4803
Email: [email protected]

Brad Angelo

Lead Instructor focused on helping all those who are new to BowlU
Phone number: +1 (716) 946-7981
Email: [email protected]

The Team

 We couldn't do what we do without you. If you are interested in bringing BowlU to your location contact Rick or Brad and together we will make it happen.

 Be sure to check out our social media pages and follow what's happening in the BowlU world of things!


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