About BowlU

BowlU is a team effort of coaches, athletes, pro shop operators, proprietors, and administration focused on "the growth of our sport and the development of its athletes"

BowlU was created and organized by Rick Benoit in January of 2008 and has since grown to worldwide interest.

When asked why? Rick shares that it was his experiences that led to a feeling of responsibility.

"For years I questioned why things were done as they were. Like most individuals, I was mostly interested in my personal involvement and improvements, so I moved on saying oh well its not my job and went about my business. That worked up to the point that I realized I was part of the industry and it was now my job. I made a New Year resolution on January 1 of 2008 saying that if it is my job ... I am going to make a difference."

"By sharing my career experiences BowlU is designed to shorten the learning curve so future generations of our sport will not have to spend years learning it the hard way."

While the invisible aspects of our sport makes it unique, it also creates a challenge. With bowling being the only sport that is a battle with an invisible course, it requires certain level of knowledge and experience to fully understand how great it is. Without that knowledge and experience confusion is to be expected. BowlU has effectively eliminated the confusion and brought out the true greatness of our sport to many teams and individuals around the world. It is with great joy and pride that I share BowlU with those who have the same goal for growth and development.

While there are those who may see BowlU as a coaching program, they eventually understand that BowlU is much more. In fact the physical game is only a small part of our focus. "There are a thousand ways to teach the physical game but there are common messages we should all be sharing." BowlU is focused on sharing those common messages and helping others understand "why" and "how" we can realize the great potential of our sport. 


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