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A Daily Reminder To Gather / Sort / Commit

At BowlU It is all about the Team ... "Loyalty deserves Loyalty"

Our Past

History gives us something to start with

Our Present

Today's actions shows how much we care

Our Future

It's not me ... it's not you ... it's all of us

About The BowlU Websites

We have divided BowlU content into 4 different websites to match structure and design with purpose. This was established while I was traveling and I have chosen to get them as they are because of the amount of time it takes to redesign and manage website structure and content.

  • bowlu.com is designed to be the introductory site that maintains simple navigation with the latest news and events
  • bowluproduct.com is the site that supports BowlU initiatives. We ask for your support because none of this would be possible without it
  • bowlulibrary.com is the resource library of all BowlU content. Access to content is based on your involvement with BowlU initiatives
  • bowluclassroom.com is presently dedicated to our interactive competition and development program. I have historically adapted BowlU's Classroom to a variety of uses based on current needs.
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Website Objectives



Focused on managing BowlU Opportunities. It is the store that supports BowlU initiatives. Our goal is to make the BowlU experience fun, interactive, and educational. Open access to everyone!



This is BowlU's resource library. All of the research, the experiences, the creativity, and the teamwork will be stored here. Access is coordinated with purpose and needs in mind!



This site is used to adapt to current needs. Presently it is used for BowlU's interactive competition and development program!

We know it's tough to find the time you want to practice ...

So we created the "To Be Ready" Program

Let Us Know What You Think

I bet almost everyone of you understand the good things and the bad things technology brings ... and I am not talking about bowling. Man this electronic age is awesome and a real pain at the same time. There are never enough hours in the day and the challenges are never ending. I approach each day with a plan and then put my head down and go to work. I am well aware that "things" will slip through the cracks. If I waited for everything to be perfect, nothing would ever get done. This website work is crazy but necessary, I can overlook the obvious and I make mistakes everyday. That being said, I need your help. Let me know when something doesn't seem right. I may not be able to respond to all the messages but I listen and read them all.

Our Growth Depends On Your Growth

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BowlU Nation

Joining the BowlU Nation is an indication you are ready to make a difference. That difference might be for your personal game or a strong desire to...

Joining The BowlU Nation

Recreation to Sport Bowling Association

We encourage competing in any and every traditional competition you can find but to shorten the learning curve and learn to appreciate, respect, and love what our...

Competition Ready

Training Ready

Being Training Ready means gaining the knowledge and experience you need to compete. The process involves understanding what you need to know and then making it happen....

Training Ready

BowlU has spent years developing ways to train at home. Why? because schedules are busy and being at the bowling center gets in the way of skill...

Skill Ready

Exercise to confidence

Let's be productive not stressful. I know we all have busy lives and we are all different, but we all need to take care of our body....

Body Ready

Conversations with yourself

What does it mean to be "Mind Ready"? Being Mind Ready has less to do with going to the bowling center and more to do with preparing...

Mind Ready

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For All The Right Reasons

We will never be Done!—Our eyes and ears are always open...we are creating Opportunity, Structure, Definition. and Teamwork. We are building a foundation for our team and the future to build upon. With a strong foundation we can go any direction the future has in store. Past...Present...and Future it is all part of the equation and as part of the BowlU Team you can make a difference!